Board of Trustees

Commission Organization

The College Delegate Assembly (CDA) includes one voting representative (the chief executive officer) from each accredited institution. It elects seventy-seven members to the SACSCOC Board of Trustees to guide the organization’s work and to implement the accreditation process.

The thirteen-member Executive Council is the executive arm of the Board of Trustees with primary responsibility for interpreting Commission policy and procedure. It also functions on behalf of the Board between sessions. The Chair, a public member, and a representative from each of the eleven southern states in the SACSCOC region make up the Executive Council membership. Council members are elected by the Board of Trustees.

  • G. David JohnsonChair
    Provost and Senior Vice President
    for Academic Affairs
    University of South Alabama
    Mobile, Alabama
  • Ivan Allen, Vice Chair
    Central Georgia Technical College
    Warner Robins, GA

Members of the Board of Trustees

Listed are the Board of Trustees from each state. The state’s elected Council member, who also serves as chair of the state delegation, is noted.

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International Delegates