Documentation Templates in Preparation for a Substantive Change Committee Visit to an Institution

These forms are for use in providing evidence of continued compliance with the Principles of Accreditation following initiation of an approved substantive change when the approval letter from SACSCOC authorizes a Substantive Change Committee. Please note that each form contains a subset of standards taken from the Principles of Accreditation typically provided to a visiting committee for the type of change in question. Additional standards may be added by SACSCOC staff as needed to provide the visiting team with relevant information necessary to making an informed determination regarding the change. Please consult with your institution’s appointed SACSCOC Vice President as to which of these templates to use if a visit has been authorized, and to determine whether additional standards will be added.

Note: These forms are NOT the same as a Prospectus or Application sent to seek initial approval of a change. Use the forms only AFTER a substantive change has been approved, and a Substantive Change Visit has been authorized.

Documentation Template for: