Committee Chair Training Sessions

Prospective chairs are selected and vetted collectively by the SACSCOC staff from a pool of experienced peer evaluators. All new Committee Chairs are required to participate in a two-day training session prior to chairing an evaluation committee. Committee Chair training sessions are typically held in March and August.

The Chair training workshop begins with an overview of the foundations of leading a peer evaluation committee. The workshop then considers the issues of chairing various types of evaluation committees, with particular attention focused on the two reaffirmation committees (Off-Site and On-Site). The workshop addresses the operational and strategic aspects of managing and leading the evaluation committee and explores selected topics and practical mini-scenarios involving the application of leadership.

In addition, prior to chairing an Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee, the selected Chairs are required to participate in an orientation conference call conducted by the Office of Commission Support and to participate in a SharePoint training session facilitated by the Office of Computer Operations.

For more information about the Committee Chair Training sessions, please contact Dr. Alexei G. Matveev, Director of Training and Research, at