Strategic Goals

Promoting Educational Quality

  • GOAL 1.1:  Maintain focus on Student Learning and Achievement
  • GOAL 1.2:  Support innovation and responsiveness for our member institutions within the changing landscape of higher education

Capitalizing on New Technology

  • GOAL 2.1:  Use the tools of technology to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of unit operations and internal collaboration. 
  • GOAL 2.2:  Better serve the needs of our constituents—SACSCOC member institutions, students and their families, the public, the US Department of Education, congress—through technology.

Enhancing Training

  • GOAL 3.1:  Reimagine how to best deliver training and professional development to institutional representatives (liaisons, presidents, and conference attendees), peer evaluators, SACSCOC board members, and SACSCOC staff and revise training experiences for those.

Proactively Communicating the Commission’s Message

  • GOAL 4.1:  Clearly articulate and communicate the purpose and value proposition of SACSCOC.
  • GOAL 4.2:  Shape the future of accreditation by working with our SACSCOC member Institutions,   C-RAC partners, CHEA, SHEEOs, legislators, and others with a common interest in promoting quality in higher education.

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