2021 Recordings

All of the recordings will be available for viewing until April 4, 2022.  However, despite our best efforts, recordings for the following sessions are not available:

  • CS-074 The Transformation Imperative: Leading Change to Streamline and Innovate
  • CS-097 “Use of Results Summits” to Sustain a Culture of Quality Improvement
  • CS-106 Maximizing Student Engagement Metrics to Create Equitable Online Classrooms
  • Group Meetings with the following SACSCOC Vice Presidents:  Dr. Crystal Baird, Dr. Stephanie Kirschmann, and Dr. Denise Young
  • Orientation Wrap Up Session with Dr. Michael Hoefer
  • Q&A Session (Fifth-Year Interim Report) with Lee University
  • VS-09 Leveraging your Catalog to Increase Student Success
  • Coffee and Conversation with Scantron

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If you have any questions about the conference, please email annmtg@sacscoc.org.