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The Index below contains alphabetized key words that will lead you to the Commission policy, guideline, practice, or position statement that addresses concepts related to the key word.  After you have clicked onto the key word, the Commission’s document will appear.  You will not be directed to a particular page or paragraph that addresses your key word; rather, you will be directed only to the document that, in part or in total, provides you with information related to the key word.

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Accreditation liaison

Accrediting standards

Accuracy in reporting

Additional sites

Administrative procedures of C & R

Adverse actions (See also appealable actions.)

    in contractual relationships

    in substantive change 

Alternate Approaches;
    Core requirement 2.3
    Core requirement 2.7.4

Appealable actions;
    in Commission decisions

Appeals committee; selection, duties, terms, conflict of interest

Appeals procedures; fees

Applicant institution

Application for consolidation or merger

Application for degree level change

Application for membership, process, fees, review committees

Application for separate accreditation

Approvals for substantive change

Articulation agreements with other institutions;
    programs agreements for complete degrees
    with affiliates

Audit submissions

Audit reports, deadlines

Authorization of candidacy committee

Authorization of substantive change committee

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Branch campus, accreditation
    approval procedures
    separate accreditation

Board of Trustees
    Ethical Obligations
    Standing Rules
    selection, terms

Budget reduction, impact

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Candidacy renewal

Candidate institution

Candidate review process; candidate status, accreditation committee, candidacy review process, continuation of candidacy, candidacy fee denial of candidacy, and removal from candidacy

Chair, appeals committee

Chair, commission on colleges; duties, selection, terms
    conflict of interest; confidentiality

Chair, Committees on compliance and reports, conducting meetings
    conflict of interest; confidentiality

CHEA. (See Council for Higher Education Accreditation)

Closing an institution or program

Collaborative Arrangements

College delegate assembly; duties, standing rules

Commission staff, responsibilities;
    conflict of interest

Committee reports, accreditation and candidacy
    reaffirmation committee reports
    special committee reports
    substantive change committee reports

Committees on compliance and reports (C & R), responsibilities
    administrative procedures (formerly interview procedures);
    conflict of interest; confidentiality

    complaint form

Complaint Information Sheet

Compliance certification
    Accreditation Procedures

Conflict of interest
    appeals committee/ appeals hearing officer
    board of trustees
    SACSCOC staff

    Substantive Change

Consortial agreements, reporting and approvals
    for accepting credit; with non-regionally accredited entities
    with affiliates

Continuation of candidacy

    for accepting credit
    with affiliates
    with non-regionally accredited entities

Cooperative agreements
     joint curriculum ventures

Core requirement 2.12;
    for reaffirmation 

Core Requirement 3.1.b: Documenting an Alternative Approach

Core Requirement 5.1:Documenting an Alternative Approach

Correspondence, disclosure 
permanent records

    application and candidacy
    special committee
    substantive change

Credit Hours

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Deadline for reports; for institutional responses; for institutional profiles; for deadline extensions

Decisions, other accrediting bodies

Degree completion programs

Degree level change, approval and review procedures

Delay of the reaffirmation process

Denial of candidacy
    appealable action

Denial of initial membership
    appealable action

Denial of reaffirmation

Disclosure of accrediting decisions

Disclosure of commission minutes

Disclosure of commission policies and procedures

Distance education
    electronically delivered programs
    review during reaffirmation

Duplicating costs for subpoena documents

Dues and fees ; for reaffirmation
    for application and candidacy
    for special reviews
    for substantive change

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Electronic delivery of instruction

Enrollment Growth Institutions

Ethical Obligations
    for Board of Trustee Members
    for Evaluators

Evaluation Committees. (See visiting committees)

Executive council, duties, selection, terms
    conflict of interest; confidentiality

Expense reimbursement

    application and candidacy
    special committee
    substantive change

Extended units

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Faculty Credentials

Federal requirements, disclosure
    other agency decisions
    substantive change

    application and candidacy
    special committee
    substantive change

Focused report 

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“Good cause”

Good practices, definition

Governing boards

Guidelines, definition

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Hearing officer for appeals 

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Initial membership

Interpretation of Core requirement 2.3

Interpretation of Core requirement 2.7.4

International relationships
    programs for non-US nationals

Institutional files, disclosure
    permanent records

Institutional profiles, deadlines

Institutional reports

    Integrity and Accuracy in Reporting

Interview procedures

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Joint curriculum ventures involving the award of credit
    with international entities
    with regionally accredited institutes
    with non-regionally accredited institutes

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Late reports

Legal cases initiated by institutions

Legal counsel, representation during appeals
    representation during meeting on the record

Level Change

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Maintenance of institutional files

Meeting on the record

Membership process
denial and removal of membership

Memoranda of understanding

    Substantive Change

Monitoring reports

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Negative actions

Nominating committee of the COC
    Guidelines for Selection

Notification of institutional changes

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Observers on teams

Off-campus sites
    review during reaffirmation

Off-site review committee

Off-site storage

On-site review committee

On-site storage

Other accrediting agency decisions

Ownership change

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   Collaborative Arrangements
   Substantive Change

Peer Evaluators - conflict of interest

Policy, definition

Position statements, definition

Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement
    revisions to document


Proceedings, recording actions

Profiles, institutional

Program termination

Prospectus for substantive change

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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP);
    lead evaluators
    review process

QEP. See Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP lead evaluator 

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Reaffirmation process

Recruitment of students

Records maintenance

Reimbursement of expenses

Remand of appeals decisions

Removal from membership

Removal from candidacy

Removal of Commissioner

Reports, late

Reversal of a COC decision

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Separate accreditation
    units of an institution

Site visits to institutions on sanction

Special committee, report, fees

Special readers

State agencies
    disclosure to

Student learning

Substantive change, reporting and review: fees; committee report 

Substantive change, non-reporting during reaffirmation

Substantive Change Unreported
   Substantive Change
   Unreported Substantive Change

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Teach-out agreements

Technical assistance agreements

Termination of membership

Terminating a program

Third party discovery requests

Third party subpoena costs

Transfer of credit, position statement

Transcripting credit
    Collaborative Arrangements
    Undergraduate Degrees

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Undergraduate Degrees
    Disclosure of Accreditation Decisions
    Principles of Accreditation

Unsolicited information

U.S. Secretary of Education
    Disclosure of Accreditation Decisions
    Principles of Accreditation

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Vice Chair of the commission, secretary of the commission on colleges, duties, selection, term
    conflict of interest; confidentiality

Visiting committees, candidacy and accreditation
    disclosure of reports
    representation of public
    substantive change

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Website, disclosure

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