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Web-Based Training Modules

The following web-based training modules have been developed to help peer review committee members become better equipped to address specific review responsibilities. The modules are especially designed for first-time peer evaluators, but should be beneficial to more experienced reviewers as well. The emphasis is on developing professional judgment and on paying special attention to the exact wording of the standards within the Principles of Accreditation. We anticipate each module will take 30-60 minutes to complete, although a couple of them may be a bit longer. In addition to serving committee reviewers, the modules should be helpful for institutional personnel that are preparing materials to be reviewed. 

Web-Based Training Modules:

Because the modules are new, we would value your feedback. The Commission staff will use such feedback to make critical changes to the existing modules, but more importantly, to help us improve future modules (e.g., in the areas of academic and library/learning standards).  Click here for the short survey. Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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