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Proposed Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement

At the June Meeting, the SACSCOC Board of Trustees approved the proposed Principles of Accreditation and will forward to the membership in accordance with the standing rules. The College Delegate Assembly will consider these proposed Principles at the Annual Business Meeting in December. The Principles Review Committee spent 18 months reviewing comments and input from constituents at institutions throughout the 11 states of the Southern region. We appreciate the input received from our constituents and the service of the committee members. The standards are presented for information only. If approved, the Principles will become effective January 1, 2018.

Other pertinent documents posted include the transitional plans for Reaffirmation Classes of 2018 and 2019; Fifth-Year Interim Report Classes 2022 and 2023; as well as Applicant and Candidate Institutions for 2017 and 2018. The standards applicable for the Fifth-Year Interim Reports as aligned with the proposed Principles are posted here also. Institutions should contact their respective vice president with questions or comments.

The proposed Principles of Accreditation relate to most of the current standards. These cross-walks identify the proposed standards in relation to the current standards for the Fifth Year Interim Report and the Decennial Reaffirmation Review. Please direct any comments or questions to the vice president assigned to your institution.



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